About us


From small to very old, we look in the shops of jams, kiosks, cinemas ..., products to enjoy our leisure moments.

Eurodego ensures that these stores are always full and ready to receive you.

Every day we visit these stores and receive their orders through different channels, call us on the phone, ask us for the web, the App ... and we take your orders on time.

Our Value Proposition:

· People
· Quality
· Trust

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Partners. Fellow travelers.

Having industry leading brands ensures consumer expectations will be met

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The customer, our focus

"We know that by listening we can make the needs of our clients visible and build a more satisfactory and lasting relationship"

Our Commitment

"Their commitment to Eurodego and its customers make it possible to deliver a unique and differential experience in the sector."

Quality politics

"SAlways within the framework of the commitment to continuous improvement, we have implemented a Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001 Standard"

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