I am not a company or self-employed. Can I make purchases?

Eurodego is dedicated to the B2B commerce reason why it does not realize sales to individuals.

How can I register and buy at the online store?

To be able to access the online shop you must previously be a customer of Eurodego, so if you want to make purchases, please provide your contact information by phone 926611693 or contact form and the commercial in the area will call you to arrange a visit.

How can I recover my password?

In case you have lost your password, you can contact us on 926611693 or through the contact form of the online store and indicate that we send it again.

You can also change your password by one you choose by clicking on the link Forgot your password? on the login page. Remember that by this method we will not be able to inform you of your password later. From that moment we will no longer have access to it due to privacy restrictions.

How will I pay for my order?

At the end of the order you can choose from the different forms of payment available in the online store. If you select the usual Payment method, the order will be paid according to the usual conditions agreed with your merchant (cash, receipt, check or transfer). The same conditions of payment will be taken as in commercial orders.

You can also choose to pay by card to make payment management easier for your orders.

When will I recive my order?

You will receive your order on your usual delivery day.

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